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IOF detain elderly Palestinian during anti_settlement protest

IOF detain elderly Palestinian during anti_settlement protest

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 Israeli occupation forces detained Palestinian elder Said Arma from his home in Ramallah's Deir Jarir  neighborhood on Friday at dawn according to local sources.

Arma, 51, was seen throwing stones from a slingshot at the occupation forces during the violent suppression of a joint demonstration against the Israeli robbery of their lands by the residents of his village to establish a settlement outpost.

Last week, videos and photos were taken on social media by several photographers, showing Arma wearing traditional Palestinian clothes while using his slingshot to throw stones at the heavily armed Israeli occupation forces while targeting demonstrators.

Arma, a school bus driver, insists on resisting the Israeli occupation  who is still robbering  his village, even though that means putting himself at risk as  what confirmed by local sources.

He explained that "clothes and age did not impede my participation in the protests," indicating that he was defending his land and "his honor."

"The united stance of the neighbourhood will regain the land and the attempt to build a new settlement will fail," he said, citing previous experience when similar Israeli attempts were undermined by the villagers.


Whereas the village has a population of about 6,000 and is 12 kilometers away from Ramallah.

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