UNRWA reveals the total number of Coronavirus infections in Lebanon refugee camps

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The Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees "UNRWA" in Lebanon said on Thursday: "The total number of Coronavirus cases among Palestinian refugees in Lebanon has reached 3801 since the start of the Corona pandemic, with 400 currently active cases, and 144 deaths have been recorded."

UNRWA confirmed on a statement, that the Gaza Post news site received a copy of it, the increase in the number of Coronavirus infections in Palestinian camps and gatherings in Lebanon during recent months, with Lebanon entering a new period of 3-week closure to confront the sharp increase in the number of infections, which constitutes a great challenge in front of the health sector already overstretched by this pandemic.

The agency indicated that it had signed contracts with laboratories in different regions to test people who had symptoms of the virus or were in direct and close contact with infected cases, in addition to signing contracts with government and private hospitals to provide treatment to coronavirus patients.

Meanwhile, UNRWA drew attention to closely following the infected cases, by covering the costs of examinations and treatment in the hospital, as well as giving refugees the option to move to the quarantine center in Siblin, renewing its call for the need to fully adhere to preventive measures such as physical distancing and putting masks to limit the spread of the Corona epidemic.