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Bashar and Yousef Join a Grim Statistic: Shot by Israeli occupation

Bashar and Yousef Join a Grim Statistic: Shot by Israeli occupation
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Bashar Hamad, 16, from the Qalandiyah refugee camp, and Yousef Taha, 17, from Kafr Qaddum, are not acquainted with each other. But they're part of the unseen figures of Palestinians shot and injured last year in the West Bank by Israeli shots.

Last year, 787 Palestinians from the West Bank, including 155 minors, were injured by either sponge-tipped or live bullets fired by soldiers and the border police. Yousef has skull fractures, and Bashar has lost an eye. Long convalescences will be needed by both.

Of the total, 632, including 127 minors, were injured by sponge or rubber-tipped metal bullets, while 155 were injured by live fire, including 28 minors. And that's on top of the 1,513, including 195 minors, who were suffocated by tear gas and needed care on the spot or at a clinic.

The two teenagers have something else in common: they were struck in the head by soldiers' bullets. Bashar lost his right eye and was given a bandage-covered temporary prothetic eye; he is now waiting to get his permanent prothetic eye. Yousef suffers from fractures of the skull, incessant headaches and balance loss.

These injuries prevented each of them from practicing their normal lives like the rest of the young men of their age

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