A record year of home demolitions in occupied Jerusalem

A record year of home demolitions in occupied Jerusalem

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Israeli occupation authorities have carried out about 178 demolitions in occupied Jerusalem in 2020, which is the highest in years, to displace dozens of Jerusalemites, whose homes were turned into rubble.

The Director of the Jerusalem Center for Economic and Social Rights, Ziyad Al-Hamouri, said that the Israeli authorities have carried out about 178 demolitions in 2020, including 128 houses and apartments, and 50 agricultural and animal sheds, commercial establishments and fences.

He explained that the demolition process during the year 2020 was at an increasing rate compared to previous years, indicating that these percentages are increasing year after year.

The demolitions were in Silwan and Jabal Al-Mukaber, followed by Beit Hanina, Shuafat camp, Sur Baher, and Al-Issawiya.

"During the past years and until this year, the Israeli courts issued nearly 24,000 demolition orders for homes and facilities in Jerusalem, which raises concerns that the Israeli authorities will carry out mass demolitions during the coming period."

"There are two types of demolition decisions: the first is a judicial demolition decision submitted by the Israeli municipality to the Israeli courts under the pretext of lacking valid building permits. The second is an administrative demolition decision, which issued by the Israeli Interior Ministry, and in the case that the Israeli Court rejects an urgent order to prevent demolition, the decision will be implemented within a maximum period of 72 hours," Al-Hamouri added.

He confirmed that obtaining approval for a building permit is almost impossible for Jerusalemites, as the procedures for obtaining it require between five and ten years, in addition to the high cost estimated at $ 40,000 per permit, which drives Jerusalemites to build their homes without a permit.

Palestinians who built their homes without a permit realize that the occupation will eventually demolish their homes, but they are paying the price for their steadfastness and survival.

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