Hamas-run ministry of interior is to tighten anti-Coronavirus measures in Gaza

Hamas-run ministry of interior is to tighten anti-Coronavirus measures in Gaza
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– The Hamas-run ministry of interior in Gaza announced on Thursday night that it decided to take practical steps towards tightening the precautionary measures in the besieged Gaza Strip to combat Coronavirus.

   Eyad al-Bozzom, the spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, told a news briefing in Gaza that the ministry decided to completely close mosques, schools, universities, and kindergartens, starting on Saturday, December 5.

   He said that the decision excludes secondary schools and nurseries, adding that the ministry decided to impose a complete curfew on Friday and Saturday every week, starting from Friday, December 11, and until the end of the month.

   Al-Bozzom also said that the ministry decided to impose a daily evening curfew, starting at 6:30 pm instead of 8:00 pm, beginning on Saturday, December 5.

   “All shops, establishments, and sectors will be closed, starting from 6:00 pm daily,” he said.

   Al-Bozzom also said the weekly popular markets will be closed, preventing crowding and maintaining safety and preventive measures.

   He stressed that the authorities would increase supervision and tighten procedures; To monitor adherence to preventive measures by service providers in all sectors and facilities.

   Al-Bozzom noted the continuation of the decision to prevent gatherings, including the banning of holding weddings and mourning homes.

   Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority recorded on Thursday 19 deaths and 2,738 cases of the new Covid-19, the highest daily toll since the pandemic broke out in March.

   The PA Ministry of Health stated in its daily report that 13 deaths were recorded in the West Bank, 2 in Jerusalem, and 4 in the Gaza Strip.

   The report indicated that 2,738 new cases of the virus were recorded during the past 24 hours in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza, compared to 1,469 cases of recovery.

   Thus, the death toll in the Palestinian territories from Coronavirus rises to 873, while the toll of infections rises to 106,312, of whom 24,586 are active cases, compared to 80,853 cases of recovery.

   Minister of Health Mai Al-Kaila said the ministry is preparing to confront the Coronavirus in the Palestinian territories. She warned of an intensification of the virus during January.

   Al-Kailah told reporters in Ramallah that the ministry has opened seven treatment centers for Corona patients in the West Bank cities, with a capacity of 30-50 beds, with ten beds for intensive care.

   “This is a great achievement to enhance the health situation,” she said.


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