Ministry of Health in Gaza

ICRC describes the health situation in Gaza as “extremely worrying”

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The Parliamentary Committee in the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza Strip handed the International Committee of the Red Cross “ICRC” a list of urgent needs to the Ministry of Health in Gaza in order to confront the coronavirus pandemic.

This came during the meeting of Committee Chairman, MP Mahmoud Al-Zahar, and a delegation from the Red Cross, headed by Ignacio Casares Garcia, the head of the ICRC’s Gaza subdelegation, at the headquarters of the Legislative Council in the Gaza Strip.

During the meeting with the delegation of the Red Cross, they discussed the health situation in Gaza and ways to support it.


Garcia described the health situation in the Gaza Strip as “extremely worrying,” stressing that the ICRC works in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

He welcomed this meeting in the Legislative Council with the Parliamentary Committee to enhance the role of the ICRC in saving the health situation in the Gaza Strip.


Garcia stressed the continuation of the ICRC’s efforts with the various stakeholders to fulfill their humanitarian role in confronting the coronavirus pandemic.

Al-Zahar, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee, delivered Garcia a letter addressed to the President of the ICRC in Geneva, Peter Maurer, attached a list of urgent needs for the Ministry of Health in Gaza to confront the coronavirus pandemic.

He praised the ICRC’s efforts and continuous communication with international parliamentary bodies in order to work to confront this epidemic and reduce its dangers to the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

For his part, MP Mohamed Faraj Al-Ghoul affirmed that the Parliamentary Committee was formed with the aim of supporting the health sector after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, and will work on communicating with international bodies to alleviate the pain of the Palestinian people under the Israeli blockade.

Gaza Strip, where more than 2 million Palestinians live, suffers from extremely poor economic and living conditions, due to the continuous Israeli blockade since the summer of 2006.

The coronavirus pandemic crisis exacerbates the deterioration of the humanitarian and living conditions in Gaza, as the lockdown has caused tens of thousands of Palestinians to lose their jobs.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, the total number of infected people has increased since last March to 20,646, of which 9 thousand and 226 are active cases, and 102 deaths have been recorded.

Source : Days of Palestine