Daily coronavirus report in Palestine

15 deaths, 2062 new cases, and 1153 recoveries

15 deaths, 2062 new cases, and 1153 recoveries
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Gaza post

Fifteen people have died after contracting the coronavirus disease in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours, 2062 have tested positive and 1153 patients have recovered, today said Minister of Health Mai Alkaila in her daily report on coronavirus in Palestine. There was no data from East Jerusalem.

She said that 10 of the deaths were recorded in the West Bank and five in the Gaza Strip.

The West Bank also witnessed a surge in new cases with 1314 recorded, including 318 in the Nablus district, 176 in the Ramallah area, 236 in the Hebron district, 134 in Bethlehem, which is getting ready to celebrate Christmas, 149 in Jenin, and 109 in Tulkarm.

In addition, 703 have recovered in the West Bank.

Gaza recorded 748 new cases and 450 recovered, said the minister.

She said 66 patients are currently in intensive care, among them 12 are on respirators.

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