Who we are?

"The Gaza Post” is an independent Palestinian news website that cares about the news of the Palestinian people in Palestine, the diaspora, the Arab world and the world round-the-clock in both Arabic and English. The Gaza Post is a subsidiary of Imp Media, a limited-profit joint venture based in Gaza City, established by journalist Saud Naim Abu Ramadan in late 2010, where he has 30 years of experience in the field of visual and written media in both Arabic and English. The website is run by Ink for Media Production company. The company aims to provide the best services in the field of media and media production, serving the central national cause, establishing a new Palestinian professional generation of media professionals and journalists, and respecting and defending the rights of journalists and media professionals. The "Gaza Post" has no religious or political relationship, (it will not aspire to belong to anyone at all costs), neutral news, economic, sports, cultural, variety and other social issues. Gaza Post offers its news and illustrated reports through a professional team specializing in various fields of media, media production and print media.


Objectives: To cover the daily Palestinian political, cultural, economic, social, sports, artistic and tourism news. The Gaza Post website aims to facilitate access to all information and answer all questions of Palestinian issues smoothly and easily, and to provide useful information for all speakers in both Arabic and English. Highlighting the successful Palestinian stories, highlighting the humanitarian issues and covering them, and supporting them to identify their causes.


Our policy

  Commitment to the professional media message in terms of accuracy, credibility, transparency and honesty.

The site is a Palestinian website in both Arabic and English that deals with humanitarian, cultural and social issues away from political orientations.
To deal with everyone to serve and benefit the Palestinian cause.
Respecting the views and opinions of others, and spreading success stories and progress as a support and psychological motivation for the Palestinian people.
Keep away from all forms of muttering, blasphemy, slander and defamation in others.
Respect for all religions and the call for tolerance and love among all mankind.

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