Who is Ink?


Ink for Media Production, I.M.P., is a profit joint stock company, founded by the veteran Palestinian journalist Saud Abu Ramadan in Gaza in late 2010. He invested 30 years of experience in visual media production and print journalism in both English and Arabic.


I.M.P. main goals are to provide the best services in media production, serve the Palestinian national cause, create a new generation of professional journalists, respect and defend their rights.


The company offers all kinds of media services through professional and dedicated teams, led by Abu Ramadan, in various areas of media production; mainly videos and print journalism.



Video & visual:


Ink for Media production (IMP) provides all needed gear and equipment related to filming indoors and outdoors, including high-quality professional full HD cameras and all other needed accessories of sounds, lights and editing.


 I.M.P has Professional cameramen who speak good English and work under all circumstances.


I.M.P has Professional TV and filmmaking editors, who work on using the newest and best versions of editing systems and programs that fit all TV channels.


I.M.P. has professional producers, who can work indoor and outdoor, speak good English and can work with teams under heavy pressure and during tensed time.


I.M.P. has professional field fixers, with multilingual abilities and excellent experiences in getting fast to the right target, place or person.


I.M.P. has fast internet upload of videos and footages files by using ftb, We Transfer or Dropbox and has live broadcasting indoor and outdoor using full HD SNG uplinks with two or four channels.


I.M.P has well-equipped studios with all needed facilities for TV reporters who need to record clear and professional voiceover.


I.M.P. covers daily hard news, TV reports and TV features during emergency and times of crisis such as wars and large political events.


I.M.P. also fixes and facilitates entrance permits and entrance visas for foreign journalists who want to come to the Gaza Strip through easy and coordination with security authorities in the Gaza Strip. It also books rooms in the hotels in the Gaza Strip and comfortable transportation.


IMP can also produce documentaries, drama episodes, video clips, short films and long cinema films. It can cover also social events for private sector companies like banks, cell phones and international NGOs.


I.M.P ensures safe transportation to foreign journalists in the Gaza Strip and also brings foreign journalists from and to the crossing points of Erez and Rafah crossing. IMP prices are reasonable and comfortable.


I.M.P. is welling to work with all TV channels, news agencies, news websites, newspapers, magazines and all local and international N.G.Os.


IMP news website:


IMP has a daily news website in both English and Arabic that covers and tackles the daily news and events in the Palestinian territories, Israel and the world. The page will include news, reports, features and analysis in both English and Arabic. The news website will also have news photos, audio reports and recorded video stories. 


Graduated students who gain intensive IMP training courses and programs in all fields of media production, are the ones who run the news website.


The news website covers exclusive news relying on special sources, special declarations and statements of officials.


News for the website are written and edited in the same training room, which is also the news room of IMP.












 Saud Abu Ramadan

Ink for Media production

Gaza Strip,



Mobile: 00 970 599 431 448

Office: 00 9808 2863 688