14 killed in a Sit-in in Sudan

14 killed in a Sit-in in Sudan
طباعة تكبير الخط تصغير الخط


Gaza Post- Sudan

Al-Arabiya television reported that 14 Sudanese were killed and others were seriously injured in front of the Defense Ministry headquarters in the Sudanese capital Khartoum on Monday morning as Sudanese security forces tried to break the sit-in.

Security sources stormed the sit-in site early on Monday, amid gunfire that was not known.

Bridges were also closed on the Nile connecting several areas of Khartoum. Thousands of protesters also blocked roads with burning stones and tires in the city of Omdurman.

In turn, JCC sources explained that security entered the field after a large group of violators entered.

It confirmed that fugitives from the District of Columbia entered the sit-in, forcing the security to chase them.

Meanwhile, the police cleared the scene of the sit-in after the protesters left and will not allow their return.

Consecutively, the gathering of professionals called for a complete civil disobedience, closing streets, bridges and gateways, demanding the protection of demonstrators in the field.

Earlier on Monday, the group said the military council was mobilizing troops trying to break the sit-in.

Talks between protesters and the military junta over who ruled during the transitional period after President Omar al-Bashir was sacked earlier this year were deadlocked.

The transitional military junta, which took power in April after isolating the army, offered to allow the protesters to form a government to run the country but insisted on retaining power during a transitional period, while protesters wanted civilians to run the transitional period.

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